The ONLY Self Threading Serger!

Baby Lock Exclusives:

ExtraordinAir Threading
With just a gust of air, ExtraordinAir takes thread through all loopers instantly.  Threading has never been this fast & easy.

Automatic Thread Delivery Sytem
Set the serger to the type of stitch you want and serge.  It will deliver a balanced stitch on any fabric with any type of thread.  It even goes from one fabric type to another without skipping.

Tubular Loopers
Imagine no exposed thread guides.  You can thread the serger in any order.

Looper Driven System
This system prevents loopers from becoming misalighned or out of time, reducing the posibility of major loope damage.

Advanced Knife Driving and One-Way Clutch System
Baby Lock created a knife system with a larger cutting bite that allows thicker fabrics to be cut with ease and increased visibility.

Full-Featured, Single Unit Differential Feed
There single unit feed dog mechanism ensures stronger feeding as well as more consistent gathering on all fabrics.


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